Abintra Wellness Center’s History


Abintra Wellness Center's founders in the early years: courtesy of Abintra's archives

The original founders Abintra Wellness Center 1982

Abintra Wellness Center was founded in 1982 and located for 25 years at 5th Ave NE and NE 72nd, a couple of blocks east of Greenlake.  The original founders included the current owners, Jerome Chroman and Corinne Kelly as well as Kenedy Powell and Gwen Crowell.

One of the first massage centers in the Greenlake area 1970s founded by Ken Powell and Jerry Chroman.(courtesy of Abintra's archives)

Ken Powell and Jerome Chroman at their first massage center in the Greenlake neighborhood the late 70s.

In 1976 Jerome Chroman and Kenedy Powell had originally founded The Feel Good Space, a massage center, on Greenlake Drive and NE 72nd.  In 1982, they needed classroom space, that is when Abintra was formed.

Our intention originally was to establish a massage therapy center with a sauna and provide education both to massage practitioners as well as the general public on the budding field of the time, alternative health, what is now called complimentary medicine. Originally Jerome, Ken and Gwen taught classes and later Corinne did as well.   Jerome and Kenedy taught Swedish Massage, Touch for Health and Foot Reflexology.  Gwen taught Trager(C) Psychophysical Integration and Corinne picked up on teaching what Kenedy taught when he moved to Arizona.

We had cutting edge leaders of many of the alternative healing arts teach as guests at our center over the years. ..Shakti Gawain, author of Living in the Light ;  Arnie Mindell , a Jungian Psychologist and author; John Thie, founder of Touch for Health ; Dr. Trogawa, a foremost practitoner of Tibetan Medicine from the Chagpori lineage : Arthur Pauls, the founder of Orthobionomy , Marko Kowalski, founder of TRI-Hara Holistic Fitness ,  Betty Fuller, founder of the Trager(C) Institute and one of the first Trager Instructors to name a few.  Including visiting teachers, we also had many local leaders in the alternative health care field teach regularly out of Abintra.

Abintra provided space to practitioners offering a variety of alternative forms of healing beyond the field of massage.

For years Abintra was honored to offer to the alternative health care community, patients, teachers, students and practitioners…access to a healing peaceful and supportive environment.  We provided affordable treatment rooms and classroom space. We were located on the second floor above The Natural Medicine Works, a naturopathic clinic owned and run by Dr. Francine Loeb since the mid 1980s.

The Good Bye Dinner in 2007 for the Abintra Team courtesy of Abintra Archives

The Abintra Wellness Center 2007 Good By Dinner

In 2007 we downsized and after having interim temporary housing for our center, we now have come full circle returning across the street from our prior location, fulfilling a dream we have had of living and working in the same building near Greenlake.  We moved Abintra Wellness Center’s clinic into a separate unit below where our administrative office and residence are located. We are very happy here and trust that we will be here for a long time.   Abintra’s current owners and practitioners are Jerome Chroman and Corinne Dee Kelly.

Corinne-Jerome courtesy of Abintra Archives

Our primary commitment is to provide individuals with healing therapy  in either the form of massage or hypnotherapy.  When we have any  classes it is to support that work.


“I think this is the best place in Seattle to get a massage….. Abintra goes out of its way to make a good experience for others. As someone who has had massages and varying kinds of places, Abintra is by far the best!”–Ann, an educator from Greenlake

“I am utterly grateful for this place of peace and for the skill, devotion, and holistic practice of Corinne and Jerome.” –Joan

“I have known Corinne & Jerome since the 1980″s. My experience goes back to the original Abintra.   I have received from them as well as other therapists  who were working there at the time.  I have taken workshops there and also worked there.  We have a history together.  I have always felt good about their integrity and expertise.  I consider them friends as well as long standing colleagues.  “

Viana Daven, LMP since the mid 70’s.

“I am writing a recommendation for Abintra Wellness Center not as a consumer but as a business associate.
From 1995 to 2000 I sublet an office from Jerome and Corinne, having already been acquainted with them long before I’d even thought to become a massage practitioner.  Our association does go back a considerable span of time, some 25 years, as a matter of fact.
In establishing my office within the Abintra Wellness Center, I found Corinne and Jerome to be caring, involved professionals who are consistently concerned with the upliftment of the profession of massage.  They treat each client, theirs or mine, with equal care and solicitation.  Their customer service approach wi an equal balance of professional concern, clear communication regarding the seemingly endless web of insurance billing and gentle humor.
When they had their larger center, they welcomed a diversity of practitioners, workshop participants and clients to Abintra Wellness Center, facilitating growth, expansion and learning for innumerable practitioners of the healing arts.
They have always had my deepest respect.

Pamela K. Foster, LMP
Bluestone Academy of Massage, Director of Education (9 years)
Everest College, Business and Ethics Instructor (16 years)
Seattle Reflexology and Massage Center, Business and Ethics Instructor (12 years)”

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