Corinne Dee Kelly

Corinne Dee Kelly, LMP, Co-Founder of Abintra Wellness Center

Corinne is a Greenlake-Seattle native. In high school, her family moved to the Vancouver/Portland area where she completed her last two years of  high school and a year at Clark Community College. She traveled in Europe seven months and studied art at Atlier d’Corlin in Paris three of those months. In her twenties, she worked in a variety of service related jobs, including hair salon reception, hotel maid service and hospital lab work.  From 1973 to 77 Corinne attended The Evergreen State College with a year off in ’74 for a motorcycle accident.  She graduated with a B.A. from Evergreen State College in 1977. In college she worked in bookstores, libraries.  She volunteered in a mental health clinic.

While training to be a massage therapist she worked as a bookkeeper for Unicef and waitressed/hosted at restaurants locally. She graduated from The Heide Brenneke School of Massage in 1980 and was state licensed professionally as a massage therapist in ‘81. In ‘82 she co-founded Abintra Wellness Center and has since been a massage practitioner and shared in the administration of Abintra’s bookkeeping, advertising, office and classroom rentals and maintenance. 

Corinne’s massage is influenced by her training in various forms of deep tissue such as Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy, lymphatic drainage, passive and active forms of positional releasing and energetic work, the latter including applied kinesiology, acupressure, and qi gong. She has been certified in pregnancy massage to serve those of her clients who become pregnant. In ‘96 when Kenedy Powell left Abintra, she took over teaching his Foot Reflexiology class, something she has incorporated in her work since she first began massage. She also taught Swedish Massage. Corinne always continues to deepen her understanding and application of the different massage modalities she has learned.

In ‘96, she began studying Chi Nei Tsang, which incorporates abdominal massage, energizations, the qigong form Buddha Palms, breath work and meditations from the Taoist tradition. Since she has also learned and practiced Yi Ren QiGong. More recently she trained through Supreme Science Qi Gong and Food Healing System Institute. Corinne values individuals learning self-care techniques for themselves and to share with family and friends.  Qi Gong has made a big impact on her life. She loves it.  It has helped her heal from her motorcycle accident in ’74 and helped her maintain her body since. Her practice nourishes her life, relationship with her partner, Jerome, and work with her clients.

Over the years Corinne has extended healing to our society at large and the world through volunteering as a advocate for peace and justice. See Community. The last few years, She has been taking greater time nourishing herself, practicing qi gong, meditating, reading, walking and spending more time with family and friends. Click here for description of types of massage.

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7/30/1980  Heide Brenneke School of Massage ,Swedish Massage Massage Theory & Practice, A&P, Foot Reflexology

8 CEUs 11/20/1981, Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy.  Seattle Massage School, Jan Westwater 8 CEUs
54 CEUs Dec 1981, Eval & Palpation Thomas OConnor, SEattle Massage School
90 CEUs Dec 1981, Anatomy and Physiology Musculoskelatal. Seattle Massage School, Yvonne Palka
8 CEUs 6/7/1981 Kasler Seminars Receptor Tonus and Cellulome Therapy.
12 CEUs Orthobionomy-Phylicia Rommel 1st Level
4 CEUs Pfrimmer Cross Fiber Deep Tissue Therapy, Barbara Collins
8 CEUs AromaTherapy, Daisie Kallop
8 BAsham Technique, Daisy Kallop, Acadia Health Ctr

15 CEUs 6/6.1982 Brenneke School of Massage, Connective Tissue Massage(Dicke Method) Level I
16 CEUs Cadaver Anatomy and Physiology for LMPs, Gwen Kleeman, PT
16 Ben Benjamin-Assessment & Treatment Shoulder Injuries, Utting Massage School
32 CEUs A & P Don Weed, DC
16 CEUs Aromatherapy, Aveda

7 CEUs 6/28.1983, Louder Than Words, Three In One Concepts. Communication , Gordon Stokes
12 CEUs 10/24/1983, Seattle Shiatsu Inst. Practitioner Program Internship II
16 hrs CEUs, Shiatsu, The Michio Kushi Macrobiotic Society, Verne Varona
40 hrs CEUs, Healing with Macrobiotics, The Michio Kushi Macrobiotic Society, Duncans, BC, Canada
14 CEUs Polarity Therapy, Christine Self.
16 CEUs Shiatsu, Verne Verona, Michio Kuchi Macrobiotic Society, Verne Varona

60 CEUs 3/24, 1984 Touch For Health Applied Kinesiology Inst Certification, Gordon Stokes
30 CEUs Reiki I & II, Barbara Thurston, Reiki Center

10CEUs 3/23-4/1985, Massage Skills at Wa St AMTA Convention
28 CEUs NW Inst Oriental Medicine, Intro to Oriental Medicine and  Tui Na

15 CEUs, May 11, 1986
Sports Medicine Muscular Therapy, Ben Benjamin, Muscular Therapy Inst.
___CEUs SOAP Charting,  GD Maitland, RPT

16 CEUs Nov 7-9, 1987 Myofascial Release I, Donna Bajellis, PT,CHP

8 CEUs MAy 1 , 1988, MFR Review.
16-CEUs FEb 20-1, 1988  Fascial Anatomy, Donna Bajellis, PT,CHP
16-CEUs FEb 13-14, 1988 , Movement Analysis  Donna Bajellis, PT,CHP
16-CEUs Jan 16-17, 1988 Myofascial Release II,  Donna Bajellis, PT,CHP, Joseph Heller

18 CEUs 6/2-4/1989 Eval & Treatment of Thoracic Cage Direct/Indirect, Loren Rex, DO Ursa Inst.
7 CEUs 5/13/1989 Immune System and AIDS, Cortext REsearch & Development
18 CEUs 2/24-26/1989 Intro to Muscle Energy Technique, Loren Rex, DO Ursa Inst.

46Hrs + 15 yrs once wk 1990 Volunteer Massage Hrs 1990, People Living w/AIDS/In Touch

4 CEUs 2/7/1993, Record Keeping and Report Writing, Seattle Massage School, Kerry Ann Plunket
16 CEUs  Muscle Energy Tech. Pelvis, Kerry Ann Plunket, SMS
___CEU’s Pregnancy Massage,  Brenneke School of Massage
6 CEUs 4/17/93.Listening to The Body:Understanding the Language of Stress, Cortext

40 CEUs 9/14-8/1994, Vodders Basic Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Howard Douglass
34 CEUs 1994 Bodywork for The ChildBearing Year, Carol Osborne Sheets, Somatic Learning Assoc.

8 CEUs, 1/8/1995 American Red Cross First Aid/CPR  L&I# EO46508932

20 CEUs 8/25/96,  Reflexology, Robin Shoulberg
16 CEUs 7/27-8/1996, Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Chi Massage #2,G. Marin  246 830 475
16 CEUs 3/9-10/1996, Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Chi Massage #2,G. Marin  246 830 475

4 CEUs 9/27/1997 Advanced Charting for Managed Care, D. Thompson, Brenneke Schl of Massage

16 CEUs 8/15-16/1998, Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Chi Massage #2,G. Marin  246 830 475
16 CEUs 6/25-6/1998, Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Chi Massage #1,G. Marin  246 830 475

20 CEUs 1/19 & 10/1999 Chi Kung for Health Care Providers, Gilles Marin, Chi Nei Tsang Inst.
40CEUs 1/11-15 Emotional Processing and the Six Conditions for Healing,   “       “         “

12 CEUs Summer 2000, Yi Ren QiGong Level IV, Organs and Tissues
12 CEUs Fall 2000, Yi Ren QiGong Level III, Developing Awareness of Organs
12 CEUs Spring 2000, Yi Ren QiGong Level II, Qi Flow Via Meridians & Acu-Points
12 CEUs Winter 2000, Yi Ren QiGong Level I, Basic Chi Developement
Yi Ren QiGong, Guan Chen Sun, Ph.D, Inst. of QiGong & Internal Alternative Medicine

14 CEUs 7/14-5/2001, External Qi Healing Inst. of QiGong & Internal Alternative Medicine, Ken Cohen
12 CEUs Fall 2001, Yi Ren QiGong Level VI, Guan Chen Sun, Ph.D, Inst. of QiGong & Internal Alternative Medicine
12 CEUs Spring 2001, Yi Ren QiGong Level V,Vibrational Sounds & the afffects on Organs
7/5 CEUs 06/09-10/2001  In Search of the Medicine Buddha, David Crow, L.Ac. NIAOM
12 CEUs Fall 2001, Yi Ren QiGong Level VI, Guan Chen Sun, Ph.D, Inst. of QiGong & Int Alt Medicine

7 CEUs 11/9/2002, Three Jewels for External Qi Healing, Master Hou Sheng Lin (IQIAM)
16 CEUs 7/27/02  First Aid CPR

6 CEUs 12/06/2003 The Eight Extraordinary Meridians, Guan Chen Sun
1 CEUs Stone Massage Video Training
12 CEUs Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

8 CEUs 8/23/2004 Positional Release Therapy for the Torso Taya Countryman 150783-00
5 CEUs 7/19/2004 Positional Release Therapy For the Neck Taya Countryman 150783-00
21 CEUs 7/16-18/2004, Eval & Treat Hip, Ribs & Shoulder, Loren Rex, DO #P592
___CEUs 07/18/2004 Eval Mas. Tx. of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Loren Rex Do, #P592
7 CEUs 7/9 Eval & Tx Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome,  Loren Rex DO, #P592
5 CEUs 6/19/2004 Pos. Release Therapy for Shoulders, Arms, Hands. Taya Countryman 150783-00
5 CEU’s 6/7/2004 Positional Release Therapy For the Hips & Knees Taya Countryman 150783-00

10 CEUs 02/08/2005 Structural Relief Therapy for the Low Back & Pelvis, Taya Countryman 150783-00
5 CEUs 06/20/2005 Structural Relief Therapy for the Torso, Taya Countryman 150783-00

__CEUs 2006-2008 STUDY Effect of Massage on Chronic Low Back Pain, National Inst. of Health and Group Health

16 CEUs 05/07/2006 Introduction to Jin Shin Do Mary Gales

20 CEUs 11/04/2007 Strain Counterstrain I for the Spine Ed Goering DO, JSCCI
100 CEUs approx_CEUs, PAR Dialoogues-Edvita Institute Ari Cowan
8 CEUs 08/03/2007 Muscle Energy Technique Cortiva Institute-Chris Kagen

12 CEUs 09/30/2008 Awareness Through Movement, Bridget Thompson CFP

8 CEUs 12/05/2009 Inst of/Seattle Center for Structural Medicine
Upper Extremities New Paradigm:Role of Ne/Arm/Shoulders to Hand
6 CEUs 11/22/2009 Standard Adult First Aid with CPR, American Red Cross
8 CEUs 11/01/2009, Upper Extremities New Paradigm, Inst of/Seattle Center for Structural Medicine
6 CEUs 10/11/2009 Awakening Light  Professor Chen Hui Xian
8 CEU’s 09/20/2009 Center for Structural Medicine/Inst. of Structural Medicine
New Paradigm in the Treatment of Upper Extremity Disorders: A Whole Body Appproach

12 CEUs-May 2010-May 2011
MacPractice Electronic Billing and Record Keeping Training, Nightingale Medical Billing LLC, Katherine Terran, CPC
Women’s Health Update:Breast Health, Hormones and Osteoporosis, Inst. of Natural Resources INR 299936-00
6 CEUs 06/09/2010 Stroke Rehab: Impairment-Based Interventions for All Stages of Recovery
Jeannie Staudt-Cross Country Education

2 CEUs-Fall 2011-Spring 2012, Written and Researched Synopsis of  Aromatherapy for Massage.
2.5 CEUs-11/10/11, No Pain:Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic Essential Oils, Jimm Harrison, Bastyr Univ Cont Ed
NCCAOM ACHB701-098/NCBTMB451573-11
5 CEUs. 2011, Low Back Study Video Project, Group Health Research Institute

18 CEUs 10/13-14/2012 Julie Bacon, LMP 022410-00
Onsen Level II  Functional Assessment & Treatment Lower Body
24 Hrs- 9/27-30/2012 Food Healing System-Conquering Any Disease, Jeff Primack, Orlando, Florida
32 CEUs-7/21-2/2012
QiGong Healing and Breathing Applications Levels 1,2,3, and Food Healing
Supreme Science QiGong Foundation, Jeff Primack  NCBTMB#450327-07
5 CEUs-5/20/12 , Recovery as a Spiritual Practice, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Jewish Family Services
18 CEUs-6/23-24/2012 Julie Bacon LMP 022410-00
Treatment of Pain Onsen Technique, Level I, Lower Body Structural Assessment and Correction.
4 CEUs-4/29/12, First Aid/CPR, Wash AMTA Convention, Ed Dawson
7 CEUs- 4/23/2012, Review of Active Resistive Positional Release, Julie Bacon. LMP
18 CEUs-4/21-22/12 , Julie Bacon LMP 022410-00
Treatment of Pain Onsen Technique, Level III,  Upper Body Structural Assessment & Correction
2 CEUs April 2012, Case Study of Treatment Protocol Pregnant Woman w/ Back Pain
4 CEUs-4/6/12, HIV AIDS Training,
2 CEUs-3/12/12, Structural Med. Front Line, Institute of Structural Medicine, Donna Bajelis, PT, CHP, SMS
6 CEUs-2/19/2012, Business & Professional Ethics, BlueStone Academy of Massage, Pam FosterLMP

18 Hours, June 23rd, Treatment of Pain Onsen Technique, Level I, Lower Body Structural Assessment and Correction, Julie Bacon
16 Hours, August 24 & 31st,  Supreme Science Foundation QiGong Level One Instructor Training/Certification, Jennifer Downey.

3 Hours, January 21, Working With Cancer, Meg Robsahm, LMP #281042-00,  10/31/14 Stretch Your Clients w/Peggy Lamb, #450123-06, Cross Country Education.
32 Hours, August 6, Pre and PeriNatal Massage Therapy, Carol Osborn


I have been a client of Abintra Wellness & Corinne Kelly since 2009.  I sought massage therapy to alleviate muscle pains in my neck, shoulders,  and leg muscle pain and was referred to Abintra Wellness by my primary doctor.  My work environment is highly stressful and my body has been storing all the stress in my muscles.  Corinne Kelly of Abintra Wellness, through her magical healing hands, has alleviated the muscle pain from the affected areas.  Seeing Corinne Kelly for my monthly massage therapy session is the highlight of my month and I look forward to every visit.
I feel that I have developed not only a professional relationship with Corinne, but a personal one as well.  I am blessed to know Corinne Kelly & Abintra Wellness and thank them for the healing work they do.


“Corinne Kelly has always been a very kind, knowledgeable and sensitive massage therapist.  Specifically, I have appreciated her considerate and practical methods and her willingness to keep updated on new approaches besidestaking into account the whole body-mind perspective.  I would have no hesitancy in recommending Corinne as a general massage therapist.” Connie, Counselor, Seattle

“Being a meatwrapper for the last 20 years has been hard on my joints. The cold temperatures and heavy loads have caused a lot of wear and tear. From tennis elbow to frozen shoulder to aching hips Corinne brings her years of practice and learning to bear. She never ceases to amaze me!  I recommend her highly. “  Mary Ann Schroeder
Greenwood neighborhood.

 “My experience is primarily as a source of referrals for Corinne Kelly, LMP.  The patients that I have referred to her repeat a very positive experience, and I am most comfortable in continuing to refer people to see her.  I know that they will receive good, professional  massage therapy care, and will benefit from her art and expertise…  I have always found her to be pleasant, professional and caring.”  Leo G Studzinski, DC, Chiropractor, Northgate

 ”I think this is the best place in Seattle to get a massage.  Although I never saw Jerome, I am sure the experience would be similar to Corinne.  Corinne is such a caring, genuine, and kind person. She is a good listener and wants to help a person feel his or her best.  Abintra Wellness Center is professional and understanding.  Abintra goes out of its way to make a good experience for others. As someone who has had massages and varying kinds of places, Abintra is by far the best!
One more thing, when I was pregnant and couldn’t make it in for an appointment, Corinne called me to give me some pointers on what I could do myself to alleviate pain. She also emailed me some suggestions. This is just one of many examples of how Corrine empathizes with people and goes out of her way to help.
I had lower back and neck pain.  Going to Abintra Wellness regularly helped my back and neck pain to go away. I am also a runner, and receiving massages helped me to avoid injury. In addition, going to Abintra Wellness while pregnant also helped provide comfort during that time.
I only saw Corinne and she has an excellent rapport with people. I can’t stress enough how caring and empathetic she is.  Corinne listens and responds. I have never had a better experience with massages than I have had Abintra Wellness with Corinne.” Ann, education, Greenlake


“After experiencing chronic pain from an injury to my elbow and shoulders, I was looking for a massage therapist to help with the acute pain. Corinne was recommended to me by a colleague at work. Corinne’s deep tissue work and friction technique was a successful combination to help alleviate the pain and result in more rapid healing. She also helped me become more aware of how my body holds stress.  As a massage client of Corinne’s, I always felt welcome. I felt that she was present and focused. With a holistic approach and knowledge of physiology, she provides a well-rounded massage experience that is both therapeutic and relaxing.” Stacie K., Bothell


“I have been coming to Corinne for a monthly massage for twenty years.  I know my physical, emotional, and spiritual health have been strengthened by her healing hands.  I am utterly grateful for this place of peace and for the skill, devotion, and holistic practice of Corinne and Jerome.” Joan, Bellevue


“I arrived after experiencing whiplash in a rear-end car crash.  Corinne was amazing and after 2-3 sessions of working with me,she got me on the road to a complete recovery.  The sessions were wonderful and the exercises she suggested were very helpful.  I benefited from my sessions with less stress, less tension and more well-being.  Corinne is very professionals and she is clearly a caring and lovely individual as well.” Martha C., Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood


“My experience at Abintra Wellness Center was wonderful!  I was referred for massage therapy because of injuries from an automobile accident.  Corinne has healing hands; there is no doubt!  She certainly makes my body feel better every session.  The injuries from the accident have healed.  I’ve learned, however, that ongoing massage is so beneficial to my well being.  Even though it is not longer covered by me medical insurance, I am more than willing to pay for the benefits of Corinne’s massages.” Karen Jones, Retired Teacher, Seattle’s Greenlake neighborhood.


” I received several sessions of treatment from Corinne for lower back pain(referral from Group Health). The treatments were very effective in reducing my pain.  The atmosphere of the Center was both calming and welcoming. Corinne is a gentle and understanding soul.” Sibyl James, Seattle’s Rainier Valley


“I have the good fortune of seeing both Corinne and Jerome on a regular basis.
As a masseuse, Corinne has a soothing, caring, feminine presence that calms and nurtures my body and soul. Jerome’s treatments as a Tragar practitioner help me find ease and lightness of being. Jerome is a gentle soul, grounded and gracious. His comfort with stillness helps me find the still point within.”  Krista Gemmell Harris, Seattle


“Abintra Wellness Center is professional in every way.  Appointments are always on time, payments are recorded, reminders sent.  In addition, the atmosphere is always warm and inviting.  I started massage at the recommendation of a neurologist because of severe back pain.  Within weeks, the back pain as well as other arthritic pain started to become manageable and the continue to improve.  Corinne is not only a skilled therapist but also a widely read thinking person.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her.”  M.S., Lake Forest Park, Piano Teacher


“I have been receiving massage therapy from Corinne for several years. She has helped me recover from various bouts of tendonitis and strained muscles in my neck, back and arms.  I do physical outdoor work (landscaping) which is often quite strenuous, and for enjoyment I love energetic social dancing. I turned 60 a few months ago, and I credit Corinne for keeping me fully functioning. She has an attentive, serene, healing manner, and a wide range of effective techniques. In addition to her many years of professional training and experience, Corinne is continuously updating her knowledge and skills. I highly recommend her.”  SN – Meadowbrook (Northeast Seattle)


“I have had great courses of massages from both Corinne and Jerome for both relaxation and injury treatment.  My only complaint is that it isn’t right in my neighborhood…Corinne and Jerome have done an amazing job of helping me to heal from injuries and reeelaaax.    My rapport with Jerome and Corinne is excellent: they are both very intelligent, intuitive, patient, calm, respectful, strong, and skilled. “ Rebecca, a writer, West Seattle


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