Breathing Ease Into Your Life

Breath is a powerful tool. Your breath is always at hand, it is accessible to you…a constant. When frightened, depressed or stressed breathing often becomes  shallow, quick or even stops. Breathing a full breath opens you up, it allows you to take in and feel the vibrancy of life. Rhythmic full breathing is like an internal massage.

Breath can be used to bring on a deep altered state or deep relaxation. It oxygenates the cells of your body improving the quality of your blood and helping you to fight disease. With each new breath comes fresh air and each exhalation that which your body does not need is released.

Breath is an exercise of acceptance and letting go. Surrendering to the ebb and flow, give and take of life.

To become aware of your breath, place your hands on your belly palms facing down. Practice what some call the “Buddha Breath” others “diaphragmatic breathing”. Breath into your palms allowing your belly and palms to raise gently with each inhale filling your palms and exhale just by letting go, letting your tummy just drop down to your spine. As you breath in feel the expansion of your belly all the way down into your pelvic floor.

Some people are really use to just breathing in their chest. When you intentionally breath into and expand  your belly that causes the diaphragm that divides your lungs from your abdominal cavity to lower into the abdomen which allows an increase in lung capacity.

We take for granted out breath, but it is such a gift. Play with your breath. Become aware of it.  Allow it to breath you, filling you up with the life giving force.

Try a Ruby Red Smoothie!

In the Pacific Northwest, the leaves are beginning to change. Turning a little red. Well, sometimes that red is just what I want in our smoothies. It is such a delight to see the beautiful rich colors of the food.

We still use our regular base which usually includes carrot, part of a cucumber, 1/2 lime, and Broccoli Stem. A half of an avocado if we have it.  But then we add a large handful of blueberries( frozen or fresh), a quarter of a deep dark red beet, a handful of goji berries.

Lime is a great. It balances out the flavor of the beet. The Food Healing System book “Conquering Any Disease” states the lime is great for kidneys and the skin. You want to make sure to peel the green skin off leaving the white pith which is highly nutritious. Lime has flavanoids that are known to stop cell division of cancer and also has been used to protect against cholera.

The other new addition to our smoothie are the Blue berries and Goji Berries. Goji Berries were new to us until we were introduced to the Food Healing System. Chinese Medicine refers to the berries as good for increasing sexual fluids, fertility, longevity and boosting one’s immune system. The berries have 18 amino acids, 21 minerals glyconutrients for cell communication and more beta carotene then any other plant on the earth. WOW! Beta Carotene is great for improving vision and the respiratory system.

Blueberries are also excellent for vision. In the FHS blueberries are used to prevent eye damage, preserve eyesight and reverse myopia. Its those Anthocyanin micronutrients.

Well, hope you enjoy this latest smoothie.  We just had it for lunch.

Seattle’s Hot Spell. Summer is here!

Be sure to remain hydrated.

Hydration is beneficial for multiple reasons. One that is most important is that a very high percentage of our body is made of water and all of our functioning is highly dependent on having sufficient hydration. So be sure to drink your 8oz of water multiple times a day.

We will talk later about kinds of water, more detailed benefits of hydration and symptoms of dehydration.

An Abintra Favorite Summer Morning Smoothie

Smoothies are very refreshing and are high in plant nutrients. Almost daily we love to have a base of carrot, part of a cucumber, and broccoli stem. If we want a brilliant golden smoothie we add a golden beet, apple, lime and strawberries.

If we want to have some thickness we add avocado. You can even add the seed if you have a high powered blender. Though some highly recommend high powered blenders, we have friends and clients who are able to use regular blenders for regular fruits and vegetables, not avocado seeds etc.  The value of blending versus juicing is that you are getting all of the fiber micronized so that you have access through the digestive process to a high amount of phytonutrients.

For example: Carrots have Carotenoids that are beneficial for the respiratory system. Broccoli stem includes Indol-3-Carbinol I3C which fights against hormonal related cancers and Sulforaphane which fights all cancers. Cucumbers is high in Silica which is important for osteoporosis and joint conditions. It is highly alkalinizing. Recent research has found that acidity is the cause of many illnesses, heart and vascular conditions, diabetes, alzheimers, cancer and pain. So this is a very valuable vegetable.

Raw Beet contains Betaine which purifies the blood.  It is useful in cleansing the blood of cancer and cirrohsis of the liver. Zeaxanthin and Lutein in raw beet is valuable for the health of eyes. Avocado is one of the highest foods in Glutathione, a powerful liver detoxifier. It contains Beta Sitosterol, which has been said to lower cholesterol.  nd though it is a fat it is one of the best foods to for losing weight. Avocado has in abundance the omega 9 fatty acid, the good fat.

Strawberries are great anti-inflammatory inhibitors due to the phytonutrient Anthocyanins. Because strawberries are sprayed with pesticides more then any other fruit and absorb the chemicals like a sponge,  Organic is a must.

We hope to share with you more of our favorite smoothies and interesting food tips, especially as they are related to providing you with the best of health care.