Breathing Ease Into Your Life

Breath is a powerful tool. Your breath is always at hand, it is accessible to you…a constant. When frightened, depressed or stressed breathing often becomes  shallow, quick or even stops. Breathing a full breath opens you up, it allows you to take in and feel the vibrancy of life. Rhythmic full breathing is like an internal massage.

Breath can be used to bring on a deep altered state or deep relaxation. It oxygenates the cells of your body improving the quality of your blood and helping you to fight disease. With each new breath comes fresh air and each exhalation that which your body does not need is released.

Breath is an exercise of acceptance and letting go. Surrendering to the ebb and flow, give and take of life.

To become aware of your breath, place your hands on your belly palms facing down. Practice what some call the “Buddha Breath” others “diaphragmatic breathing”. Breath into your palms allowing your belly and palms to raise gently with each inhale filling your palms and exhale just by letting go, letting your tummy just drop down to your spine. As you breath in feel the expansion of your belly all the way down into your pelvic floor.

Some people are really use to just breathing in their chest. When you intentionally breath into and expand  your belly that causes the diaphragm that divides your lungs from your abdominal cavity to lower into the abdomen which allows an increase in lung capacity.

We take for granted out breath, but it is such a gift. Play with your breath. Become aware of it.  Allow it to breath you, filling you up with the life giving force.

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