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Address:Abintra Wellness Center’s 6869 Woodlawn Ave NE, #210, Sea. Wa. 98115

Phone: (206) 522 9384 Fax: (206) 260 9002
Billing Address: 320 NE 65th St, Seattle WA 98115


Coming from I-5 going north, take the 65th St Exit. Turn Left onto 65th, turn Right onto 4th and our building is at the next intersection of Woodlawn Ave NE and NE 4th.

Coming from I-5 going south, take the 71st, 65th St Exit. Turn Right onto 71st. Turn Left onto Woodlawn, continue a few blocks until you come to the building with the big #6869 on it.

Coming from Highway 99-follow Greenlake around until you find Spuds Fish and Chips. The building is behind there.

Accessing our Building 6869

The building front door is open M-F from 7am to 8pm.
There are two entrances:
1) at the corner of 4th and Woodlawn next to the indoor stairwell up to the 2nd floor
2) off the 6869 parking lot next to the phone directory

Saturday Sunday the building is locked so Saturday clients must use the phone directory pressing 045 or Kelly, C then 045 to call my cell phone and I will open the door via my phone.

Once in the building 1)you may use the stairs and then follow around until you find 210 at the very end of the hallway. Or 2)use the LIFT down the hallway in the middle of the building.

Using the LIFT-The LIFT has a handle that is flat. You TWIST IT DOWNWARD until it CLICKs to make it open. Once in the LIFT you constantly HOLD the symbol (II) to go up (I) to go down until you arrive. The LIFT must be level with the door for the door to open.
Our door is just to the left of the LIFT at the end of the hall. Please enter the waiting room there.


There are several options for parking.

1) Under bldg 6869 parking is available to our customers in slots 204 and 208 on Saturday only.

2) There is a DIAMOND parking garage across the street on 4th Ave NE between Greenlake Drive and Woodlawn underneath THE CIRC BLDG with an elevator. There are two options.

Utilize any of the businesses in THE CIRC BLDG, you get 2 hours free parking. The garage is monitored every two hours.

Park and Go directly to our office. Give us your license plate and put money in our parking lot kitty and we will immediately give your license plate # to Diamond Parking online and monthly pay them. That way you will avoid the hassle of having to pay at the parking lot and avoid being towed. (Diamond said they monitored but in talking with people in the area, I am not sure that occurs. On normal days there seems to be parking there. Sunny or Big Event days, it may be harder to find parking here.)

3)Until Spuds Fish and Chips restaurant is torn down they allow people to park behind their building if you buy something there. Even if it is a bottle of water.

4)There is the free public parking under The Eddy Bldg that houses Bartell’s over on 71st between Woodlawn and 5th Ave NE.

5)There is paid parking at Puget Consumer Co-op PCC or free 90 minute parking if you purchase something there. It is across the street from The Eddy Bldg.

6)There is street parking.

7)A Possible future option for our clients—-parking in our apartment parking lot on 65th between 4th and Latona. We will provide a decal for the dashboard stating you are guests of Corinne and Jerome.

8) For those who can walk a few blocks, on busy days there is a parking lot just under the freeway on 65th.

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