Hypnotherapy and Autogenics

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Though massage is our primary focus, Jerome, a certified hypnotherapist, gives individual sessions in hypnosis and has taught Autogenic  Training, a form of self hypnosis, either in class or individually for 30 years. Also available via phone.

  • Improve your health and well being and aids in the healing of digestive problems, insomnia, headaches, substance abuse, fatigue and ordinary aches and pains.
  • Produce positive life changes for studying, weight management,  smoking cessation, motivation for achieving goals.
  • Experience of deep relaxation. Great for stress reduction.


Jerome Chroman, a certified Hypnotherapist, enjoys helping people make positive changes and improve their well-being through deep relaxation, guided visualization, and post-hypnotic suggestion. Whether you’re looking for relief from pain, stress, or sleep disorders or help with smoking and weight loss issues, hypnosis and autogenics can be an effective and powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. The hypnotherapy takes you into a deep, altered state where you are guided through visualizations, affirmations and suggestions that will assist you in the issues, problems and goals that you discuss prior to your hypnotic session.

Each session $80 per hour. A discounted series is available. Contact Jerome at (206) 522 9384.

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Autogenic Training – the most widely used method of self-hypnosis in Europe – combines focused meditation, auto suggestion and creative visualization to help  you achieve deep relaxation; effective relief from stress; greater mind/body harmony; enhanced problem solving, and personal life goals.  Jerome, the instructor, a registered hypnotherapist, has taught Autogenic Training in  group and individual settings for over 30 years. and has benefited personally from practicing it himself for many years.  His approach provides solid support for people looking for an effective antidote to the stresses of modern life and a tool for change. A series of four to five sessions is most effective.

Jerome offers both individual sessions and classes. Contact Jerome at (206) 522 9384.

“I took Autogenics training from Jerome after arriving for a massage a half hour late, due to a series of stressful isues that had been mounting at work.  When I told Jerome that I could not even relax and enjoy the massage because of the stressful day playing over and over in my head, he talked me through a process during my massage.  It was like magic. Before long I had gotten out of my head, and was able to relax and let go of the stress.  When I asked if he had tapes I could use on my own, he explained that it was a process that I could learn, and have it available any time, anywhere.  We arranged a multi-session class, and some friends and I all got tremendous benefit from the class.  This was nine years ago, and I am still using the technique today…

…Jerome is a kind, gentle person, and I am very comfortable with him.  Although I have not had a massage from Corinne, she, too is a gentle soul.  Their mission is to help their clients heal, and to help heal the world.”  Patti, Seattle

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