Foot Reflexology


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Preparation for Foot Reflexology Massage taken at Abintra

Foot Reflexology is the art of using of pressure points on the foot that refer benefits elsewhere in the body, such as stimulating a point on the toe for a headache. It is a form of acupressure which documentation indicates may have been used as far back as 2500bc in Egypt and Asia, and came rather late in Europe first being documented in 1500ad, then in the US in 1915.

Foot Reflexology has a deeply relaxing effect on the body and stimulates healing for conditions through out the rest of the body. It works on multiple levels.

  • First, there are more nerves in the feet then probably any place else due to our need for balance and walking upright.  So there is a direct powerful connection to the brain via the multiple nerves.
  • The feet are the foundation of the body.  If you relax the muscles of the feet and loosen the corresponding joints and fascia this influences the joints and soft tissue all the way up the body.
  • Furthermore and most important, it is an indirect non-invasive way of resolving that head ache, digestive problem or back ache amongst other conditions through reflexive or acupressure points.  Its a treat you won’t want to miss.

And Its a great gift for those that might not feel comfortable with a full body massage.

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