Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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Lymphatics:photo taken from Wittlinger's Textbook of Dr. Vodder's MLD in Abintra's library

Lymphatics:photo taken from Wittlinger’s Textbook of Dr. Vodder’s MLD in Abintra’s library

• Reduce Swelling from Surgerical Scars or Trauma
• Reduce Pain and Congestion from Sinus Infections and Allergies
• Clear Toxins and Congestion contributing to Poor Complexion

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a formalized pattern of applying a gentle, rhythmic, repetitive stroke that focusses on pumping lymph along the node and ducts to be recycled or eliminated in the core organs of the body.  The intention of the work is to induce an equilibrium of fluids that circulate in the interstitial and connective tissue.

These techniques reduce swelling or stagnation of fluids thereby benefitting those suffering from injury, surgery, fibroids, allergies and sinus congestion, acne or edema.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage was developed and published in 1936 by Danish Doctors Emil and Estrid Vodder in France.

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