Muscle Energy Technique

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Fred L. Mitchell, Sr. D.O., F.A.O.A.O. 1907-1974, founder fo Muscle Energy Technique

Fred L. Mitchell, Sr. D.O., F.A.O.A.O. 1907-1974, founder fo Muscle Energy Technique: F.Mitchell,Sr.’s photo taken by his wife in their son’s book “An Evaluation and Treatment Manual of Osteopathic Muscle Energy Procedures”. Abintra took a photo of the photo.

Reduces Tightness, Restricted Movement, Musculo-Skeletal Imbalances and Pain. Effective for Structural Imbalances, Back, Neck, Pelvic Respiratory Dysfunction…

Muscle Energy Technique is a direct and active technique where the practitioner identifies a restrictive barrier in a muscle and requests the patient to resist against the practitioners pressure.

The typical injury is when a traumatic jolt or over use of a muscle makes the muscle believe it is shorter then it really is. With MET  the practitioner positions the client’s body so that individual muscle fibers are lengthened to what the sensory system thinks is the muscle’s maximum length. The patient is asked to contract against resistance, hold and release. By releasing from the static position, the muscle lengthens and relaxes.

This work originated with Dr. Fred L Mitchell, Sr. Doctor of Osteopathy and was taught  by Dr. Loren Rex. DO. of The Ursa Institute locally and internationally. There have been variations branching out..Onsen Technique and The Trager Approach’s Joint Mobilization Technique amongst others.

Corinne has studied with Dr. Loren Rex and Julie Bacon. Over the years she has used some of these tools for healing and found it very effect.

Jerome uses similar principles as Muscle Energy Technique with the Reflex Response work used in conjunction withThe Trager® Approach and  Joint Mobilization taught by Robert King,  former president of the AMTA.

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