Passive Positional Releasing

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Effective with headaches, chronic neck pain, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, sciatica,and post surgical conditions.

Passive Positional Releasing is the process of identifying points of tenderness in muscle tissue associated with pain and restricted movement; then the practitioner gently slowly positions the body in such a way that the muscle shortens greater then it is shortened in its current contraction allowing immediate pain relief.  The practitioner holds the position for 90 seconds. If this is the appropriate muscle/position then the pain often seems to miraculously disappear.

This work was developed in the 1950s by Lawrence Jones, DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine).  Him and his son-in-law Randall Kusnose, PT established The Jones Institute in 1988 where they taught his work. Other DOs of his time taught his work or variations such as Fred Mitchell, Basham, Loren Rex, Leon Chaitow, Lincoln Pauls as have some of their students such as  Taya Countryman of “Structural Relief Therapy” and “Passive Posititonal Release” by the doctor’s , Kerry D’Ambrogio of Oriental Medicine and Physical Therapy & George Roth of Chiropractic and Naturopathy.

Jerome studied with Basham and Countryman.  Corinne studied with Pauls, Rex, DO, Jones Inst. and Countryman.  We,also, draw on Ambrogio & Roth’s excellent Passive Positional Release Therapy manual. 


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