Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy is a transformative time for a woman. Huge shifts are occurring within….hormonally, emotionally, physiologically, digestively…the list goes on.  Relationships around her are changing.

Some women will remain present in their body and experience the miracle, others will watch as if their body is no longer their own.  Massage can help a woman inhabit her body and gain some tools and resources  for her adventure.

•Sedates the nervous system
•Relieves Stress, Spasms, Cramps and Myofascial Pain especially in the Back and Neck that comes from the extra weight of carrying a baby
•Provides Physical Nurturance and emotional support through out the process.
•Models Nurturance for the mother-infant relationship
•Supports a family connection through touch and movement
•Helps develop a sensory awareness of the body’s as it changes from stage to stage keeping ever present the need to surrender to the powerful flow moving through her body
•Facilitates postpartum Structural Alignment and Rehab of the spinal, abdominal and pelvic soft tissue

Partners are encouraged to come and learn ways they can help their partner or even receive a massage themselves during the pregnancy. Once the baby is born massage can continue to help the mother realign and heal if necessary and learn the healing touch of infant massage.

Whatever the stage of the process it is an important time for massage.  It is like the earth shifts not only right under your feet but within and its nice to have someone to assist in grounding you during this process.

There are some wonderful gentle essential oils that add to a woman’e experience during pregnancy and massage.

A post natal photo of one of Corinne’s first pregnant patients 1989…

Patient Testimonial

A post natal photo of one of Corinne's first pregnant patients 1989.

A post natal photo of one of Corinne’s first pregnant patients 1989.

 “I think this is the best place in Seattle to get a massage. Although I never saw Jerome, I am sure the experience would be similar to Corinne.  Corinne is such a caring, genuine, and kind person. She is a good listener and wants to help a person feel his or her best. Abintra Wellness Center is professional and understanding. Abintra goes out of its way to make a good experience for others. As someone who has had massages and varying kinds of places, Abintra is by far the best!

One more thing, when I was pregnant and couldn’t make it in for an appointment, Corinne called me to give me some pointers on what I could do myself to alleviate pain. She also emailed me some suggestions. This is just one of many examples of how Corrine empathizes with people and goes out of her way to help.

I had lower back and neck pain. Going to Abintra Wellness regularly helped my back and neck pain to go away. I am also a runner, and receiving massages helped me to avoid injury. In addition, going to Abintra Wellness while pregnant also helped provide comfort during that time.

I only saw Corinne and she has an excellent rapport with people. I can’t stress enough how caring and empathetic she is.  Corinne listens and responds. I have never had a better experience with massages than I have had Abintra Wellness with Corinne.”

Ann, Education, Green Lake, Seattle WA


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