Touch for Health – Applied Kinesiology


A Wholistic Approach-Balancing the body

  • Bio-Mechanically
  • Bio-Chemically
  • Bio-Energetically
  • Bio-Emotionally


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Touch for Health is a form of Applied Kinesiology. It was developed by Dr. John F. Thie, a chiropractor who extended the ideas of a fellow chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart.  Dr. Goodheart discovered that a muscle spasm could be treated by strengthening opposite weak muscles.

TFH uses a method of testing muscles that was developed to test and treat polio victims in the beginning of the nineteenth century. As Chinese medicine opened up to the west, the relationship of the muscles to energetic systems in the body was integrated into TFH.

A session would consist of checking the ability of different muscles to see if they respond when asked to resist in certain positions, sometimes while contacting specific acupressure points, then balancing them through various systems depending on what the body says is needed; bio-mechanical, bio-chemical, bio-energetic or bio-emotional bodies. This is a useful therapy if you are feeling out of balance somehow and you can’t put your finger on it or feeling symptoms that just do not respond to other treatments. Its a great way of maintaining a healthy balanced body and mind.

Touch for Health Book: photo by Abintra

Click here for a YouTube video-a variation on Touch for Health. (There is a short advertisement at the beginning that you can ignore.  It is an interesting video.)


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