Payment and Insurance



Abintra has always tried to keep our rates (insured and non insured) reasonable so that a wide range of people may access our services. We offer a discounted series rate for those who want to utilize sessions for regular health care and prevention and those experiencing financial hardship. We have always felt that people who pay for insurance should benefit from medically insured massage when needed. So we take the extra time and effort to make it possible for our service to be covered by various medical insurance plans, Washington State Labor & Industrial Insurance and motor vehicle insurance. We also provide Gift Certificates to honor and treat those special people in your lives on special occasions.



Abintra accepts payments via cash, check, Visa/Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards and motor vehicle, medical and labor and industrial insurance billing.

Gift Certificates for massage and hypnotherapy may be purchased over the phone or in person and will be sent to the purchaser or recipient.

These following rates apply to any general massage and hypnotherapy session. A general massage session refers to one that is not specifically injury related.


Our rates for general sessions paid by cash at the time of services are:

Half hour
One hour and a half
Two hours




Our discounted rates for a series of four general prepaid sessions are:

Half hour
One hour and a half
Two hours


$35 each
$75 each
$115 each
$155 each


$140 for four
$300 for four
$460 for four
$620 for four


Jerome and Corinne are preferred massage providers with the medical insurance companies listed below. Services under this category require that we do a verification of benefits before booking your appointment except for Group Health Cooperative.  GHC referrals are their verification of benefits.

  • Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Health Ways Washington Networks
  • Group Health Cooperative
  • Aetna
  • Cigna Health Plans
  • Premera Blue Cross/Life Wise
  • Uniform Medical Plans
  • Providence Health Plans


Our rates when billing medicalmotorvehicle and labor and industry insurance for clinical treatments with documentation under a physicians prescription are:

Half Hour
One and One Half Hour


Note: the usual allowed amount by insurance is an hour.  Most medical insurance companies have an allowed monetary amount that they are willing to pay for our services.  It is usually below the amounts listed, often times considerably.  So in determining your copayments if you have them, you would need to ask your insurance company what their allowed amount for four 15 minute units of the massage code of 97124 is and what the percentage of that amount would be your copayment.

We offer discounts to various medical insurance plans to assist their members in their health maintenance when massage is not considered medically necessary and is ineligible for payment by the insurance company such as:

  • A 20% discount through coverage with a Health Ways Network insurance plan,ie. Group Health Cooperative.
  • A 15% discount through coverage with Premera Blue Cross.


Our series rate (without the prepayment) may be applied to those who are suffering a financial hardship such as unemployment or a fixed, low income.


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