New Year New Address

Happy New Year! The new year inspires change in us all…

Abintra Wellness Center’s purpose and philosophy is summed up in our name “Abintra,” an Indo-European word meaning “emanating from within”. The idea we would like to convey is that wellness comes from within…that inside each one of us there is an intelligence, a wellspring of energy and vitality, of wellness and joy that when tapped can lead to more abundant health and happiness in our lives.

Our 36 plus years at our various Green Lake neighborhood locations, we have helped thousands of our Seattle area patients through individual sessions of massagemovementhypnotherapybreathwork, and classes that we offer at Abintra. The emphasis is on releasing the blocks that are in the way of our deep inner intelligence so that a greater balance can be achieved…a balance depicted in our logo of the physical, mental and spiritual sphere of life.

Our mantra for 2018, is to help our current and many new patients to THRIVE in our new clinic location for years to come. We are just south of the Woodland Park Zoo nearby the Green Lake community at 819 N 49th St, Seattle WA 98103 • Located at ActivSpace, Waiting Room 223, Massage Suite 407 • Directions.

Stay-tuned to our Facebook Page for upcoming announcements and events!

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