Autogenic Training – the most widely used method of self-hypnosis in Europe – combines focused meditation, auto suggestion and creative visualization to help  you achieve deep relaxation; effective relief from stress; greater mind/body harmony; enhanced problem solving, and personal life goals.  Jerome, the instructor, a registered hypnotherapist, has taught Autogenic Training in  group and individual settings for over 30 years. and has benefited personally from practicing it himself for many years.  His approach provides solid support for people looking for an effective antidote to the stresses of modern life and a tool for change. A series of four to five sessions is most effective.

Jerome offers both individual sessions and classes.  The price for individual sessions are $80 a session.  Classes cost___________  Classes are scheduled based on request.  For many years Jerome taught this class at the UW Experimental College. There may be formal classes again in the future.

You may contact Jerome at (206) 522-9384

– Both Jerome and Corinne are available to teach at Abintra though we sometimes will teach a group of friends in their home.  It is a fun class.  We offer a Foot Relfexology Kit to go along with the class.  The class is $100 per person.  We schedule based on request.  Corinne previously taught this class at the UW Experimental College.


Corinne would love to teach small groups of individuals who would like to learn how to care for themselves through self abdominal massage, Chi Nei Tsang.  This can be accompanied by meditations,  energizations and qigong form.  there are dvds and books that also can support the learning.  Contact Corinne if you are interested.  The price would be determined on the what those interested wanted covered.

Food Healing System….

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