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“Dancing Cloud, An Ocean Wave, a Tranquil, Fluid Motion for Your Mind, Body and Spirit”



The second aspect of the Trager Approach, called Mentastics, involves instruction in the use of self-care movements  taught in individual sessions or classes.
Dr. Trager developed Mentastics®–a form of movement re-education–to encourage playful exploration of “what could be freer” for your body. Integrating Mentastics® into your daily life will allow you to enhance and recall feelings of ease, freedom, flexibility and joy. Mentastics® can become part of the way you take care of yourself and relieve stress and tension.

The Trager® Approach was developed by Milton Trager, MD. As a wrestler at the age of 18, he discovered the principles of his future work. He spent the rest of his life deepening that work eventually becoming a medical doctor. At retirement age he began teaching his work. Trager® incorporates gentle rocking, stretching and shaking movements that facilitate a deep neurological relaxation response, loosening the muscles and joints.


This video is courtesy of The Trager(R) Association.

Trager(R) is used for has been effective for Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Strokes, Chronic Pain and Dysfunction.

Trager_logo. "Dancing Clouds" Courtesy of the Trager(R) Association

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