Qi Gong

Experience the Joy, Health, Balance and Calm of QI GONG

Qi literally translated means LifeForce or Energy  and Gong refers to Work or Cultivation.  Qi Gong is a series of graceful movements synchronized to breath and awareness origninally designed to enhance one’s health, longevity, mental clarity and balanced state of mind.  It was used to prevent illness and prepare warriors to be fit for fighting.

Corinne Dee Kelly has been practicing QiGong since 1996 and was recently certified as a QiGong Level One Supreme Science QiGong Instructor.  Jerome has been practicing QiGong since 2000.  It has been an important part of our health care.  We would love to share it with you.

At Abintra Wellness you can experience Qi Gong by:

  • Purchasing DVDs QiGong Levels 1-3 and QiGong Strength Training produced by QiRevolution and teach yourself.  Other related CDs and DVDs are also available.
  • Receiving Instruction either in class or in individual sessions or during therapy.

Benefits and Principles of Qi Gong

History of Qi Gong

Our personal experience of Qi Gong

Our Teachers

Photos & Videos

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