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Corinne’s Experience of Qi Gong

Corinne’s testimonial:Qi gong gives me a centeredness and a groundedness.  I feel connected to the ground and in better relationship to it. I feel the support of the earth beneath me and a strength.  As I breath and move with awareness, I feel the fascia and muscles, the energy pulsing, pushing against the force of the earth.  Through the communication that my body is receiving from the movements and gravity, my body tissue begins to unwind, my joints align.  I become aware of where Energy can and cannot move in my body and my body-being begins to make subtle internal shifts voluntarily and involuntarily. As one of my QiGong teachers use to always say “ Awareness is Energy, Energy is information” Information that my body can use. My breath guides gentle expansion where no movement seems possible.  I become aware of the force of gravity straightening my spine, pushing my head upward, my ribs expanding rolling my shoulders up and back upon my ribs and resting relaxed on my ribs and spine.

With loose elbows, shoulder, wrists and knees, As I hold this imaginary ball of energy between my hands out in front of me, the ball becomes real to me as this sensation of magnetic pressure and weight.  The sensation spreads.

I feel more aware of the universe around me.  I feel it is I and I am it.  I feel more harmonious with Life.

I feel the transformative power of life.  I see and experience the constant change of my body.

I feel empowered.  I feel more control, not in a negative way but ironically by not being controlled by the limitations of my body, my body being feels more in control or able to surrender to the flow of Life, to move freely.

I feel safe with QiGong.  It is my force of movement or stillness that is building the Qi that is challenging me.  So I can modulate the force as I become aware of my body’s limitations.  The movement is slow and graceful synchronized with the internal movement of the breath…the lungs opening,expanding above, below and around and then collapsing with the diaphragm rising expelling that which the body does not need.

Relaxed effortlessness is the way.


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