Our Teachers

Jeff Primack of Supreme Science QiGong Foundation.  Corinne and Jerome studied summer of 2012.    See www.QiRevolution.com

Professor, Chen Hui Xian 2009, Awakening Light, http://www.wisdomandpeace.com brought to Seattle by Soaring Crane Qigong Lineage  www.teriapplegate.com/lineage.htm

Dr. Guan Chen Sun, Yi Ren, Qi Gong levels 1-5 2000-2003, founder of IQIAM, additional workshops periodically in following years.  http://yirenqigongcenter.com

Master Hou Sheng Lin guest of IQIAM 2002, http://www.linhousheng.com

Ken Cohen, date unknown, Guest of IQIAM, http://www.qigonghealing.com

Gille Marin, 1996-2000, http://www.chineitsang.com


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