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Supreme Science Qi Gong Level One

In the summer of 2012 Jerome and Corinne attended the Supreme Science Qi Gong Institute’s Qi Revolution 4 day workshop.  It was a powerful, inspirational and deeply healing experience.  It covered more then just QiGong forms but here we are focussing just on the QiGong and Taoist Yoga forms.   There are some wonderful dvds to practice with and Corinne teaches this form as time permits to kick start your practice. She was certified August 2013 in Qi Gong Level #1 as an instructor.  Daily practice of QiGong always kick-starts our days so we are ” Awake and Ready!”  Here is what SSQG has to say about QiGong   “Qigong is a 5000 year old energy art for strengthening the flow of life force & improving health. Its recent surge in popularity has been a result of Qigong’s fun and dynamic movements of practice. Magnetic energy fields are formed and created in a slow graceful manner. The Qi (life force) literally throbs and pulsates in your hands. Some say it’s the most tangible experience of the spiritual life force energy. It yields a strong “Qi Feeling” in minutes.

200 million people are practicing Qigong worldwide, but it wasn’t always this way. A long kept secret, Qigong was seldom ever taught outside family bloodlines and royalty in China. It gave women the ability to enhance“Jing” (hormones) and retain their feminity for far longer than the average woman. For men, Qigong practice allowed the accumulation of Jing leading to increased sex drive, higher levels of secretion of growth hormones, and extraordinary muscular endurance. This was very useful in war times. Qigong was passed down for thosuands of years from father to son and used by the military to build the body’s endurance. It is quite possibly the most powerful form of exercise on Earth.

Qigong is easy to do and learn, especially with our state of the art energy animation that we teach with in the dvds. We show people where the “edges of the energy field” are located and this allows a much higher comprehension of Qigong. People are able to practice at a higher level with the recent advancements in audio/video technology.

Our bodies are adaptongenic. We root into the Earth and our legs grow strong like tree trunks. magnetic energy fills our arms. The arteries pulse with greater vigor. From a scientific perspective… Qigong does what no other form of exercise can do. While remaining in a “calm focused and relaxed state” – the body is exercising. This allows blood and Qi to move through blockages that normally cannot be crossed.

Qigong differs from traditional forms of exericse for 1 primary reason: Qigong boosts muscle and strength, yet amazingly lowers cortisol. This cortisol hormone (also known as the “stress homone”) is the enemy of longevity and breaks down muscle tissue creating inflamation in the body. Jogging and weight lifting actually accelerate the release of cortisol. Qigong enhances energy rather than depletes energy, For these reasons Qigong is a superior form of exercise and its healing power is well documented.

We believe Qigong is the most significant self-empowerment technique on Earth. It is based on the fundamental science of life. Regardless of a persons beliefs or cultural background, Qigong yields the same result – enhanced vitality, and a clearer relationship with the True Source of that energy. There is a miraculous universe of Qi within each and every human being. Qigong is the practice of becoming more intimately aware of the miraculous energy that sustains all of our lives.” http://qirevolution.com/what-is-qigong.aspx

Corinne is available to teach this form.


Yi Ren Qi Gong

Jerome and Corinne studied Yi Ren Qigong from Dr. Guan Chen Sun in Seattle.  We wanted to have a QiGong Practice together.  It is a lovely gentle form.  Dr. Sun has been working with research at Bastyr University on the use of Yi Ren QiGong for the treatment of Diabetes and Inflammation.  “Yi Ren® Qigong is the practice of cultivating our inherent potential and well-being through a growing awareness of “Qi”–the energy-information field within us, as well as surrounding us. —-With Yi Ren® Qigong studies and practice, we become increasingly aware of energy flow and interactions in our physical body, and in our environment, and start to live in accord with the Tao, the laws in the nature.”  Though not certified in this form as of yet, we do share some movements that we feel might be useful for clients periodically. For more information on Yi Ren Qi Gong you may contact http://www.qigongseattle.com/about.html

Buddha Palms

Buddha Palms was the first QiGong form that Corinne learned.   Gilles Marin, founder of  the Chi Nei Tsang Institute , taught it.  “Healing Buddha Palms is a Taoist practice from the Shao Lin tradition that is an especially powerful tool for healers and “Chi Kung” practitioners to build and conserve their own Chi while channeling Chi from both the Earth and the Universe. This practice stimulates our twelve internal organs and their meridians, the eight Extraordinary Channels which are our reservoirs of Chi.”  
”I experienced dramatic results from doing this form. The Standing  Postures and the Bone Breathing and Bone Packing brought so much energy my legs vibrated.  The vibration strengthened and improved the alignment from an old motorcycle accident.  The practice stimulated my endocrine system with weight loss, more energy and uplifted mood.  Unfortunately I let life pull me away from the practice.   To this day, this work influences the other forms of my QiGong.  It is taught inconjunction with Chi Nei Tsang, abdominal massage which is a part of my regular self-health care.”  Corinne

There is a ” manual and its corresponding DVD,” where “Gilles Marin and Elise & Kaleo Ching guide you through the subtle yet powerful Buddha Palms sequence. The book provides in depth step-by-step instruction with color photos and relations to meridian points. It also includes introductory information and 7 guided meditations.”  We currently do not keep it stocked at the clinic but can order it for classes or individual instruction.  It is available at http://www.chineitsang.com/books-and-media/

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