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Corinne and Jerome’s Qi Gong Story

Corinne began studying Qi Gong in 1996 when Gille Marin, founder of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and student of ______________, came from California to Seattle to teach.  Chi Nei Tsang is a combination of self massage, energizations and movements, breath and meditations. Corinne had had a very serious motor cycle accident in 1974. This form includes a standing form that had very powerful affect on realigning her legs that had had multiple fractures.  It also included abdominal organ massage which deeply affected her metabolism, endocrine and structural system remarkably.

Due to several personal reasons she quit doing this form. However, Because it had had such a powerful impact on her on all levels of her being, it was a great loss to stop.

She was pleased when she was introduced to Dr. Guan Chen Sun’s IGIAM classes. This time both Jerome and her studied for several years with Dr. Sun and have continued to practice.  It is Jerome’s primary form of Qi Gong.  Through Dr. Sun we were fortunate to experience several other teachers.

Having had many diversions: personal and professional, we were not as involved in Qi Gong except for our own practice.   But in summer of 2012, we took a 4 day workshop that blew our socks off.  It was a wonderful reconnection.  It has inspired Jerome to continue his Yi Ren Qi Gong and Corinne to regularly practice the QiRevolution’s Supreme Science Qi Gong, Taoist Yoga and Qi Fitness.  It increases our strength, flexibility, posture, balance, and is very centering. Both Jerome and her daily awaken to practice the Breath Empowerment following the CD which is an amazing way to kick start your day with energy and uplifted spirits.     In Supreme Science Qi Gong, there is a Food Healing System of which Corinne became certified as an instructor.


What it feels like to do Qi Gong, Corinne

What Jerome has to say

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