QG – Strength Fitness Training

“NEW – Qigong Strength Training DVD
*Get in the Ultimate Shape of Your Life
*Combines the Best of Qigong, Kung Fu & Power Breathing
*With Realistic Energy Animations to increase learning and results
*Features Inspirational Techno Music to help push you past your limits

HyperThrows are VERY FAST qigong movements to help increase fast-twitch muscle. Quick movements release huge amounts of ATP energy and when practiced over time develop a powerful endocrine and muscular evolution. Kung Fu conditions your nervous system to produce more ATP energy. Slow qigong movements CIRCULATE this energy. We combined the BEST OF BOTH FAST AND SLOW to create the ultimate Qi workout.

Routine includes: Taoist meridian stretches to ensure you remain flexible as a yogi. Journey to 100 push ups to ensure you get muscular shape and definition. HyperThrows so your reflexes and speed become as fast as a stealth ninja. Horse Stance for developing leg strength to kick down a door.  You’ll feel amazing and sweat more than running without leaving your spot!  Get stronger than you ever imagined.”http://qirevolution.com/Products.html

Corinne took a committment to do this practice along with Qigong level One.  It really gets you fit.  It is nice to rotate the Qigong and Fitness either daily or over longer periods of time.   The DVD’s are available at Abintra and at http://qirevolution.com/Products.html  For some people,  the dvds will be sufficient to get them going.   Corinne being familar with the routine can go over some of the moves but has not been certified to train in this form.

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