Journey Within:Music for Sound Healing with gongs, bells etc by Nancy Knode(Corinne's sister)

Journey Within: Music for Sound Healing

by Nancy Knode, Lic. Acup. (Corinne’s sister)

$17.00 tax included






Complete Food Healing SystemThe Food Healing System of books and DVD by Supreme Science QiGong/Jeff Primack






The Food Healing System individual books and DVD;

Conquering Any Disease  $65 

Accelerate your healing and metabolism with what nutritional experts are calling the most comprehensive complete body of Food-Healing wisdom ever printed.

Build your digestive fire so strong that you have 2 foot bowel movements effortlessly every morning. Ignite your endocrine system with tonic herbs and mushrooms giving you the libido of a teenager. Master the art of cooking delicious meals and protect against or reverse diseases that are epidemic. Hundreds have used these exact protocols to reverse Cancer, even in late stages.

It’s never been easier. Succeed in transforming your body without giving up good tasting foods. People who never thought they could stick with a “food program” have been doing it for over 5 years because the program is realistic and geared for long-term success. This is the book you want for a disease-free life.

Smoothie Formulas   $45

The most powerful medicine comes from the foods in your grocery store. Smoothie Formulas is based on the teachings of our renowned Food-Healing system. For years people asked for specific recipes and this inspired us to make Smoothie Formulas. Its been updated many times and each recipe, even the more serious ones for cancer – all have been tested to taste good! Each formula was fine tuned to perfection by blending connoisseir and longtime student of Naturopathic Food-Healing, Jeff Primack. Following the teachings in our 150 page manual and DVDs is a LOT EASIER WITH THIS BOOK. Jeff crafted Smoothie Formulas based on Naturopathic teachings for: Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Cleansing Plaque form the Arteries, Chronic Fatigue, and much more.

Cooking With Qi    $45

Taste does not have to sacrificed on the HIGH-PHYTOCHEMICAL diet. An amazing array of Raw and Cooked meals were masterfully tweaked, tested and then finally perfected. We’ve laid it all out in “Cooking with Qi”.

A number of things make this cookbook different from any other in the world today. It understands that humans thrive on Coconut Oil… an anti-viral, anti-bacterial fat perfect for cooking in the oven and frying pan. All dishes are made with anti-inflammatory and coconut oils to increase metabolism and reduce pain. This is a Free of Free Radicals Cookbook!

Primary food Ingredients for each recipe have been selected by Master of Food Healing, Jeff Primack. Heart disease meals are carefully crafted on function of the herbs, vegetables etc. Once functional ingredients were selected for each dish, Food-Healing Chefs Anisa Taylor & Steve Wood raised the bar and made them delicious. The people you love will eat it!

image of Food Healing DVD set cover courtesy of Supreme Science QiGongFood Healing System DVD  $125 ( also available for loan)

This is the LIVE 2-Day Food Healing Seminar on DVD and is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Using this system of Food-Based Healing people have successfully reversed diabetes, overcome cancer defying even the doctor’s worst predictions, lowered high cholesterol and successfully cleared plaque out of the arteries. All with FOOD!
Digestive problems that responded to nothing responded amazingly well to this program. Constipation, ulcers, IBS, endocrine disorders, weight loss, asthma, allergies, eye problems, arthritis, chronic pain & kidney stones are discussed in precise detail.

Why should you eat like this?
Because, this way of eating gives tremendous energy. Everyday people are making smoothies, taking tonic herbs and mushrooms, having big-huge bowel movements, enjoying good sexual health & feeling great.
Disc #1: Introduction to Food Healing Superfoods, Tonic Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms From Around the World
Disc #2: Common “Medicine” Foods from Apples to Zucchini we discuss properties of the Fruits & Veggies we use in this system.
Disc #3:ALL the Protocols successfully used by thousands of people to reverse Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Asthma, Osteoporosis and just about every health problem facing society today.
Disc #4: Time Saving Secrets from the Kitchen, Walkthrough of the ‘Everyday’ Smoothie, Morning Probiotic Herbal Tonic, Healing Ice Cream, Seafood Preparation and more!
Disc #5 & 6: Same content as above in BLURAY HIGH-DEFINITION

Breath Empowerment CD  $65

Attendees atthe Supreme Science Qigong events have long said the Breath Empowerment had them vibrating from head to toe. Many say it led to the most tangible experience of spiritual energy inside their body. Other comments include, “I couldn’t stop smiling.”

This first practice CD was recorded live in Austin Texas from a Breath Empowerment that was given to 600 people. Digitally mastered for home use, the sound of Jeff’s breath is heard at just the right level along with his guidance through the process. This CD is powerful enough to bring this experience home for anyone. Many people, including teenagers and novice rookies who never did any Qigong have played this track in their headphones with mind blowing results.

After 15 years of teaching the breath empowerment to over 40,000 people in live seminars, Jeff designed a more gentle and more ADVANCED version of this already cosmically powerful technique. 2011 saw the evolution of the ADVANCED breath empowerment. What’s different about it? The advanced version incorporates Tumo Breathing, Breath Holding and Acupoint Visualization to move energy. Jeff’s staff of instructors unanimously agreed that the ADVANCED breath empowerment is the most fun you can have with breathing.

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QiGong Healing DVD set

Having the tools to learn Qigong correctly in the beginning makes all the difference. These 6 DVDs took over 10 years to produce and that’s because they are Precise Detailed Teachings communicated to thousands of people in live seminars… then further refined and only delivered in the most palatable way based on actually teaching REAL people.

The Box Set contains all three Qigong DVDs packaged beautifully in a nice box. Covers Qigong Level-1 Routine, Healing Meditation, Taoist Stretching……. $45,

Qigong Level-2 Routine, 9-Breath Method, Qigong Walking $45

Level-3 Wuji Create Your Own Form and the 7 Wuji Style Movements. $45


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