Jerome I. Chroman

Jerome I. Chroman, LMP, CTP, CHT, Co-Founder of Abintra Wellness Center

Jerome Chroman has been a professional massage practitioner since 1977 and has been teaching Autogenic Training since 1980. He is co-founder of Abintra Wellness Center. A native of Chicago, Jerome received a B.A. from the University of Illinois in 1961. Jerome explored a variety of fields; journalism and teaching English in Chicago; publishing in New York; advertising and then managing editor of an anti-war newspaper in San Francisco. After living a year in France, he moved to Seattle in 1971 where he worked for the University of Washington, then opened a bookstore at Greenlake.

Trager_logoPRINT He began his career in massage therapy in 1976 and incorporates various modalities in his work, including Swedish Massage, Trager® Psychohysical Integration, Myo-fascial Releasing and Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Touch for Health, BreathworkReiki and hot stone therapy. He is a Certified Trager® Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Besides his work in massage, hypnotherapy and as a teacher of Autogenics(a form of self-hypnosis which combines focused meditation and auto suggestion), Jerome is also involved inpeace and justice advocacy. For relaxation, he likes to take nature walks/ hikes, play tennis, practice qigong, meditate, read and write poetry. He is a proud father and grandfather; a funny and wise old uncle to several nieces and nephews and long-time-loving life partner to Corinne. Jerome believes that touch can play a powerful role in our journey toward healing, wholeness and well being and can be a wonderful, relaxing respite from the stresses and traumas of modern life. Click here for description of different types of massage offered at Abintra.


1975 Graduated from Heide Brenneke School of Massage, Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Symptomatology, Hydrotherapy, First Aid, Reflexology, Massage Theory/Therapy Seattle.
1976 Licensed by State of Washington to practice massage.
Opened Feel Good Space massage center.
1977 Autogenic Training with Heide Brenneke, Brenneke School of Massage.
1978 Certified as Touch for Health Instructor by Touch for Health Foundation,
Pasadena, CA.
1977-78 Studied Massage and Movement to Music with Kay Ortmans, Wellsprings director, Santa Cruz, CA.
1977-80 Trigger Point Therapy with Dr. Kasler.
Shiatsu with Yasuo Mori and Vern Varona, North American Institute of Shiatsu.
1982 Co-founded Abintra Wellness Center in Seattle.
1984 Certified as Trager® practitioner by Milton Trager, M.D., Trager® Institute,
Mill Valley, CA
1984 Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree Training, The Reiki Center(AWC)
1985 Trager(R) IV-Practitioner II
1986 Studied Body Mobilization Techniques with Robert King, former president of American Massage Therapy Association.     Trager(R) Level V-Practitioner III
1987-88 Studied Myofascial Releasing I-II, Movement Analysis, Fascial Anatomy and Review, Donna Bajellis, R.P.T.,  Joseph Heller, founder and director of Hellerwork Institute.
Trager Practitioner Practicum.
1989 Trager Level V-Practitioner IV
1993 Trager(R) Level V-Advanced Practitioner Review.
Listening to the Body, Cortext Research and Training.
1996 Basic Foot Reflexology with Robin Shoulberg
1997 SOAP Charting with Diana Thompson.
Trager Reflex Response.
2000 Yi Ren Qi Gong, Levels I-IV( Qi Development,Flow via Meridians/Acu-points,
Organs and Tissues) Institute of Qi Gong and Internal Medicine, Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun
2001 Yi Ren Qi Gong, Levels V-VI, Institute of Qi Gong and Internal Medicine,Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun.
2001 External Qi Healing with Ken Cohen.
2002 3 Jewels for External Qi Healing, Master Hou Sheng Lin, Institute of Qi Gong and Internal Medicine, Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun.
2005 Understanding Disorders in Relation to Meridian Therapy, Inge Dougans, Interntl.
School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy.
2004-5 Structural Release Therapy-Torso, Neck, Taya Countryman.
2006 Imagery & Healing Tools: Tools for Health Care.J. Achterberg, Bastyr Univ.
2007 Connective Tissue:Web of Structure-Web of Chi, Dean Juhan.
2009 Therapeutic Reflexology, Cross Country Education, Seattle, Wa.
2010 Integrated Neuromuscular Re-Education, Cross Country Education, Jeannie Staudt.
2011 No Pain: Anti-Inflamatory & Analgesic Essential Oils, Bastyr  University.
2012 Structural Medicine, Institute of Structural Medicine.
Onsen Techniques, Vol 111: Structural Assessment and Correction of the Upper Extremities. Julie Bacon.
A Path of True Liberation:Recovery as a Spiritual Practice for All of Us, Rami Shapiro, Univ. of Wash. Hillel.
Ethics for Washington LMPs, Therapeutic Training Ctr, Inc.
Qigong Healing and Breathing Application Levels, 1-3, Supreme Science Qigong Foundation.
2013 Aug 3rd, 6HRS. Movement and Mindfulness, Discovery Point. Gwen Crowell, CTP.
10/22/13 HIV/AIDS Education, 4 Hrs, Health Impact.
2014 Aug. 1-2, 6 HRS. Trager Continuing Education, Gwen Crowell, LMP, CTP.   10/31/14 Stretch Your Clients w/Peggy Lamb #450123-06 of Cross Country Education.


“I’ve been seeing Jerome and Corinne for at least 25 years and maybe longer. I mostly see Jerome, but sometimes Corinne. They both really skilled, and I love how they’re always learning new approaches and integrating them into their work. I’ve seen them for specific injuries and accidents and also for general relaxation and health. I generally stay in my West Seattle neighborhood for health practitioners, but Jerome and Corinne are the exception. They’re worth it.” –Paul Loeb, author Soul of a Citizen


Regarding the benefits  from the sessions “I was more relaxed and in some cases where I had pain, it was alleviated.  If an area ached, it was soothed.   Sometimes I would just go for the relaxation alone, not pain relief. If your body feels good, it reflects in every aspect of your life…” Regarding rapport with the Abintra Associates.  “Excellent.  They are genuinely interested in you and your overall health.  They are knowledgeable, have decades of experience and yet always open to learning new techniques and practices to make your experience there a postivie one.  They live their lives in the same manner. Truly delightful people and fantastic at what they do.–Jayne D.,  Broker, Capitol Hill


“My experiences with Abintra have been excellent. Superb massages, friendly conversations with Jerome, a comfortable and pleasant massage center, massage enhancing music, and friendly greetings from Corinne.  Jerome’s massage techniques have helped ease body tension, particularly in my shoulders where I carry stress.  The massages are relaxing, promote healthful living, and enhance my energy.  Jerome and Corinne are friendly, kind, empathetic and progressive human beings.”–Michael Adams, A Retired Teacher and currently an occassional substitute.  Bryant neighborhood.


Jerome’s massage  at Abintra Wellness Center has been an essential part of my overall health and wellness care.  The staff is professional and highly skilled in a broad spectrum of experience.  The benefits of monthly massage therapy create a better quality of life.  Abintra Wellness has always been a place to find peace, calm and a centering point in my life.–Sue, a sales person, Kirkland


“I have had great courses of massages from both Corinne and Jerome for both relaxation and injury treatment.  My only complaint is that it isn’t right in my neighborhood, so I have to make my way home afterward, and battleing Seattle traffic sometimes then makes me feel like I need another massage.  Corinne and Jerome have done an amazing job of helping me to heal from injuries and reeeelaaax.  Regarding Rapport with Jerome and Corinne: Excellent-they are both very intelligent, intuitive, patient, calm, respectful, strong, and skilled.”–Rebecca, a writer, West Seattle


“I have the good fortune of seeing both Corinne and Jerome on a regular basis.  As a masseuse, Corinne has a soothing, caring, feminine presence that calms and nurtures my body and soul.  Jerome’s treatments as a Trager practitioner help me find ease and lightness of being.  Jerome is a gentle soul, grounded and gracious.  His comfort with stillness helps me find the still point within.” Krista Gemmell Harris


I have been having massage at Abintra twice a month for more than 6 years and I have been very happy with the good treatments.  I have achieved physical and mental relaxation from every treatment.  My rapport with my practitioner, Jerome, is excellent.
Marion, Retired in North Seattle


“I took Autogenics training from Jerome after arriving for a massage a half hour late, due to a series of stressful isues that had been mounting at work.  When I told Jerome that I could not even relax and enjoy the massage because of the stressful day playing over and over in my head, he talked me through a process during my massage.  It was like magic. Before long I had gotten out of my head, and was able to relax and let go of the stress.  When I asked if he had tapes I could use on my own, he explained that it was a process that I could learn, and have it available any time, anywhere.  We arranged a multi-session class, and some friends and I all got tremendous benefit from the class.  This was nine years ago, and I am still using the technique today.  

Jerome’s massages have given me relief from minor injuries, aches and pains, and helped me heal from them. He is experienced in a variety of types of massage, bringing whatever he thinks best to relieve the pain and aid in healing.

Jerome is a kind, gentle person, and I am very comfortable with him.  Although I have not had a massage from Corinne, she, too is a gentle soul.  Their mission is to help their clients heal, and to help heal the world–Patti, Seattle


“Jerome, Thank you for your healing touch and ongoing good care–it makes a wonderful difference in my life!”–ML


My 15-year experience of the effectively healing and trustfully soothing professional massage services provided by Jerome over these 15-20 years leads me to happily recommend him for any of the several kinds of
treatments and approaches of which he Is a master.
 I am a very active (physically & in community) semi retired psychotherapist , who has incurred several injuries from tennis, jogging, & dog training  (shoulder, arm, neck, ankle)  as well as pain from  professional stress, and the grief and loss of several members of my family, including my business partner and beloved spouse.
 Jerome’s superior skills, sensitivity, therapeutic calming, and personal caring have…in every case… given great short-term and often immediate relief and restoration of function.
 I am personally aware of the same complete satisfaction of several friends and colleagues recommended to Jerome over the years;
he enjoys the complete trust and confidence of my own personal physician .–JC, North Seattle, psychotherapist

IMG_1471Abintra Wellness was a wonderful experience.  Jerome always took his time to evaluate my pain and musculoskeletal status before and after massage treatment.  He took the time to explain to me the different types of massage and what would likely work best for me.

As a student working full time in the nursing field, I had many factors in my life that led to muscle aches and pains. I finally reached out to a massage therapist when I was getting tension headaches from leaning over books while I studied. After only one session with Jerome I felt immediately better. After continued visits with him, my headaches seemed to go away all together. He also armed me with better posture ideas and stretches to alleviate the tension in between visits.

I have the utmost respect for the work that Corinne and Jerome do at Abintra. Though I have never worked with Corinne she has always been a kind and friendly face anytime I have visited the center. Jerome has always been a wonderful person to work with–Karen,
clinical research coordinator and full time nursing student

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