Wellness Massage

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Woman Recieving MassageWellness is about a state of mind or being rather than doing. It is the ability to be able to come to a place of centeredness: a sense of being at peace with oneself, one’s body and the world. A Wellness Massage allows you to become  more aware of your body, your sensations and your mental state.

We believe that becoming deeply aware of your body/mind is the first step. Once deeply aware of yourself in a loving, non judgmental way, your body will often begin to heal in ways that go beyond intellectual understanding.  You will naturally gravitate and know and want to move towards a Lifestyle of Wellness.

When you come for a Wellness Massage, the focus is on creating that space for Awareness. So keeping in mind the idea of “deep awareness” our intention is that the massage  be quieting, calming, allowing the mind to settle. The practitioner supports you in breathing fully to allow you to experience the moment at a deeper level. There are several massage modalities that can be particularly adapted for such an experience, such as:

  • Gentle Classic Swedish Massage…
  • Trager Psychophysical Integration is designed specifically for both patient and practitioner to“go into a state of Hook Up”  deeply connecting with a “life regulating force”; becoming aware of connections of the inner and outer experience. It is an experience of being supported and respected. It is an experience of being in the present moment.
  • Foot Reflexology has a deeply relaxing, “letting go effect.” Since we use our feet so much for balance there are more receptors on the feet then most any place on the body, so our touch is magnified there.
  • Shiatsu can focus on  techniques and points that allow a deep meditative state.
  • Reiki or External Qi Gong quiets the nervous system allowing awareness and healing.


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