Trager® Psychophysical Integration


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“Dancing Cloud, an Ocean Wave, a Tranquil, Fluid Motion for Your Mind, Body and Spirit…”

The objective of Trager® is to create a deep sense of lightness and fluidity.  Though the person receiving the Trager® session is on the table being gently rocked, stretched and shaken, the whole experience is like a meditation, a dance between the practitioner and client.  The gentle rocking, stretching and shaking movements facilitate a deep neurological relaxation response, loosening the muscles and joints.

Trager® has been effective for:
•Chronic Pain and Dysfunction.
•Muscular Hypertonicity

Mentastics®, a form of movement re-education, is taught along with the sessions to extend the releasing effects beyond the sessions.

The Trager® Approach was developed by Milton Trager, MD. As a wrestler at the age of 18, he discovered the principles of his future work. He spent the rest of his life deepening that work eventually becoming a medical doctor. He found it beneficial for those with strokes, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis among other conditions.  At retirement age he began teaching his work.

Video links of Dr. Trager, Mentastic and a session.

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