Chi Nei Tsang

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CHI NEI TSANG  “Energy Work for Internal Organs”

Chi Nei Tsang is abdominal work that brings Life energy and awareness to the Internal Organs directly and, on a more global scale, through out the whole body .  Though CNT is done by a practitioner, a strong component of CNT is learning to do CNT on one’s own abdomen as well as learning supportive meditations and energizations.

The navel,  is where each of us originated. Within the womb of our mother we developed off of the navel and all our systems grew outwards from there navel.  The abdomen holds our core emotions and physical patterning.  Working on the abdomen influences the whole body.  People can experience a wide array of benefits from postural to emotional clearing to detoxing, but the work is directed at an over-all balancing versus treating a specific condition.  Clearing the abdomen is like dropping a stone in a pond…it radiates out throughout the rest of the body.  It is our energy center; what in China they call the Dan Tien, our “Sea of Qi”.  When that is cleared, the body transforms.

•Undigested Emotions

•Cardio and lymph circulation
•Immune System
•Organ Alignment/Function
•Body Awareness
•Emotional Processing
•Structural Posture

Through abdominal massage, breath work, meditations and energizations, this work increases awareness and life energy of one’s body/being and connects us with the life energy that supports us.  From that awareness, the body begins its healing process.

You can take greater responsibility for your health, cultivate your own energy, detoxify, process stagnant energy and live life with more vitality.

Corinne was taught CNT by Gilles Marin through the Chi Nei Tsang Institute. If you are interested in CNT you might also be interested in Food Healing System.


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