Appointment Scheduling



  • General Self Pay Massage
  • Medically Insured Massage
  • Labor and Industry Insured Massage
  • Motor Vehicle Injury Massage-Personal Injury Protection or 3rd Party Insured


For a general massage, that is not injury related; where you are not working with a physician and requiring documentation for your insurance, the best way to obtain an appointment is to give us a call at (206)522 9384 or you may email us at or at our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) secured email or fax us at (206)260 9002.


To schedule a medical massage that is paid by your insurance company:

  • Call us with the following information to verify your benefits,; your name (as your insurance company has it); your date of birth; insurance ID# or social security #; your phone number; the main policy holder’s name, date of birth, and insurance ID/social security #.
  • We will call the insurance company to verify that your benefits cover massage; how much they will pay; and if you need a prescription, and from whom; and if the insurance company has to process an authorization or in-house referral.
  • Then we call you back to inform you of your benefits as related to massage and book your appointment if your insurance policy is active and you have all that the policy requires, Otherwise we inform you of your policy requirements.


The process is usually very quick, easy and painless. Even if you have called your insurance company, it is mandatory that we verify your benefits before beginning treatment.  We do so to assure as best possible that you will not be billed later for something that your insurance will not cover.


To schedule a massage appointment paid by on a Labor and Industrial claim:

  • Call us
  • Give us your L&I claim number 
  • Schedule the appointment


To schedule a massage appointment paid by your motor vehicle insurance:

  • Get a referral or presciption for massage from your physician
  • If your insurance company says you do not need a physician’s referral then call us and give us your insurance agents name so we can verify that before your appointment.
  • Schedule your appointment. Bring all of your insurance information with you to your appointment.

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