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We can muscle test you to determine which plant essential oil or combination would be best for you. Or you can select the oil you would like based on smell or how you are feeling. The body responds to essential oils on an unconscious level both emotionally and physically through smell and absorption via the skin.

Smell can take us back to sweet, peaceful moments.  It can remind you of joyful times.

Essential Oils…
•Reduce pain
•Calm nerves
•Strengthen the immune system.
•Prepares uterine muscles for labor

For centuries, essential oils have been used for healing serious medical conditions.

Jerome and Corinne have selected just a few oils well suited for the general public for general wellness conditions such as uplifting the spirits and calming the mind.  Appropriate to our field, we have a few safe oils useful for joints and muscles.

Aromatherapy may be included with many of the other therapies.


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